Adventure & Competition

Adventure and Competition Links
United States Junior Development Team:
Very Long Distance- up to 24 hours- Navigation Events- are called Rogaines:
Great Spectator Orienteering Events in Parks and on Campuses are called Park World Tour ( and here in the US, we call it Sprint Orienteering (

Orienteering for those that don’t run through the forests is called Trail O ( in the states
but Precision Orienteering ( elsewhere. It requires the highest degree of skill in map reading. It can be done from a wheelchair or with any method to move the participant to the area of the control.

How about on Mountain Bike, ( Horseback ( or Canoe (

In the deep, dark forest in the middle of the night? Watch the start of the Night Orienteering Championships

Adventures that use navigation as part of their competition:

Cold Crank Challenge (

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