Can You Find It?

Deborah Humiston, President
I was introduced to orienteering as a pre-teen in Vermont in the mid 70’s. The understanding of maps and the skills that I developed were a direct result of the fun games that the experienced orienteers brought to our group. They showed me that each person had control over the direction they chose to travel. Decisions were based on the information that one had. Accumulating information was key. Many years later, the sport reappeared in my life and I instantly remembered how navigation is relevant.

Life is a map. Each person’s unique perception must be validated and built on. I have used this dynamic approach to work with corporate groups and people of all ages to build their confidence and expose them to new experiences. A colleague once told me, “How we do anything is how we do everything.” Challenging our patterns in regard to problem solving on an actual map changes how we work with obstacles in the figurative map- our personal and professional lives.

I have been involved in world championship orienteering events, corporate training and Kindergarten map games with the same confidence that understanding maps is contingent on perception and not some genetic predisposition. Too many adults tell me they are ‘directionally challenged’ when, in fact, it’s how they’re introduced to the idea of following and relying upon a map that can make all the difference. When an individual or team is successful at one of our challenges, having learned something during the process and, perhaps, having discovered a new or dormant skill they didn’t know was there, I can see them get as excited as I did when first I learned of the challenges, intricacies and rewards found in navigational arts. Maps, navigation, direction, orientation, where one is on this earth at any given time…all such powerful and inherent elements that really work in strong team building and group educational activity.

“These are facilitators and trainers that enhance our programs.”



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