Minecraft or Zombie Themed Treasure Hunt?

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You missed it.  The nine year old kids were running around the neighborhood shooting Nerf pellets at the paper Zombie targets.  Their map was marked with caches that held more ammunition. They scanned the ground for antidote to stuff in their sacks. They heard a distant (50 meters) blast from my horn and ran back to the safety zone for more instruction and another map.  They needed more clues to open the locked treasure chest.

zombie poster

The next day, in another town in the seacoast area of New Hampshire, I dropped blue/green glass stones around the houses of a small neighborhood.  Kids used my hand made map of the area to find clues and Ender Pearls.  They carried foam swords to fend off the Ender Dragons.  They were chased by Creepers (teenagers) and laughed as they hid behind a neighbor’s fence.  Their goal was to find enough Pearls to open the Portal.
Minecreaft Sword

No matter how you play it, though, it is all about the map.  These kids are learning to use a map with confidence while working together towards a common goal.  It isn’t a competition.  It isn’t a race.  It is fun and exciting and they are motivated by treasure, just like the rest of us.  Some may squirm with the idea of guns and swords, but it isn’t any different than cowboys and Indians, in the kids’ minds. They are playing, running outside and making friends.

Ultimate Treasure Hunts, LLC, likes to have fun and be creative. We can take your idea and turn into a treasure hunt.  Call us at 603 772 8772 and plan your fun day!

Treasure Hunt Birthday Parties Are Team Building Activities For Kids!

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So, your child’s birthday is approaching.  You look through the parenting magazines and local papers to find an entertaining activity.  Maybe you can get your child’s friends to a museum or to an indoor entertainment center. You know your daughter’s best friend’s parents will help you drive them. The kids will have fun. But will it be memorable? Hmmmm… How about a mall scavenger hunt?  Wait.  How do you supervise them? Who has the time to figure out where they will go and what they will do? Maybe the science parties are a good idea.  They are educational.  You won’t need to drive them anywhere. The kids sit in a circle and watch the young scientist perform.  They aren’t actually moving around much but they are learning.  How can you do something unique and memorable? It would be great to get the kids to interact and get to know the kids that aren’t necessarily in your daughter’s class. How about an Ultimate Treasure Hunts’ lively activity?  Kids run around in a supervised area while learning ad working together to solve a puzzle.  Everyone wins.  #uthunts   #ultimatetreasurehunts  #birthdaypartygame

We go to homes and venues all over the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine, all around Boston and the North Shore.  We even travel to New York City to facilitate safe, interactive, exciting, physical and educational treasure hunts for all sized groups and every age.


Winter is fun for everyone!  Weather has never stopped us.  We come, first, to make the map.  It can be inside or outside or anywhere you like.  We go home and design the hunt to fit the age of the kids.  Mixed ages are great as they can work together to solve the final puzzle.  We have many themes or will create one to fit your child’s preferences.

Call us, today, for a great party! info@ultimatetreasurehunts.com   603 772 8772  We travel!!