Ultimate Treasure Hunts

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Teambuilding Fun and Map based events for all ages!

Indoor & outdoor team building games, experiential activities, and Geocaching challenges for corporate & school events, private parties, civic programs and town-wide celebrations. Contact us to turn your next event into an exciting, all encompassing treasure hunt adventure using custom cartography, hi-tech GPS technology, teamwork and strategy.

Combine teamwork, learning, challenge, strategy, fitness, improvisation, adventure and just plain FUN and amazing things happen.

At Ultimate Treasure Hunts, participants experience this every time they bring their unique challenges and programs into people’s lives. Based on the international sport of orienteering, inspired by the passion for the hunt, and created using custom cartography, GPS technology, a lot of high energy and a little imagination, “Ultimate” treasure hunts are those one-of-a-kind, let’s-do-it-again experiences we all seek and that’s why Ultimate Treasure Hunts is the industry leader in what they do.

For over a decade, smart business people, innovative educators, parents and adventurers of every sort have turned to Ultimate Treasure Hunts to create and facilitate customized treasure hunts (re: not just scavenger hunts) and amazing GPS races for kids’ parties, family reunions, corporate conferences, civic events, and school programs throughout the country. What they’ve all experienced is having made the right choice and incorporating a uniquely energetic and memorable element into their event plan through Ultimate Treasure Hunts. What they’ve all discovered is the truth in the accompanying quotes.

Welcome to Ultimate Treasure Hunts.com. Browse through the information. Enjoy the multi media. Contact UTH to discuss your goals and objectives and to answer any questions you may have regarding our services and programs. If you can’t find precisely what you envision adding to your event plan, let UTH help you navigate through all the options and discover the optimal and the ultimate activity for your function.
Web Site


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